A lot done, More to do, 2006

Prints on PVC board, metallic shelves

Dimensions variable

The desperate effort being made by some powers to project themselves as people’s liberators as well as specialists in matters of democracy, or the obsession of banks and other commercial enterprises to persuade us of their generous offers and sacrifices for the sake of the consumer are two examples (among others) explored in this project. I am interested in how all these are promoted and how people understand, accept and adopt them. I collect announcements, promises and plans that purport to contribute to the betterment of the quality of life and society, or which claims to help secure a (false) sense of freedom.

Exhibition history

2006 give (a) way, ev+a Biennial, Limerick, Ireland. Curated by Katerina Gregos

Panayiotis Michael’s work for e +a plays with the false promises made by big businesses in their advertising and marketing campaigns. The artist created a library-like installation with text panels and images, appropriating fragments of slogans and images from such campaigns which generously promise things that cannot possibly be delivered. In using these fragments and excerpts, Michael highlights both the hyperbole – indeed, even absurdity – of the claims, and exposes the mechanisms by which human desires are manipulated for commercial gains.

give (a) way catalogue,2006 Katerina Gregos, curator