Geography Test 1999, Interactive installation, dimensions variable

A map of the new Europe (an altered one, similar to that of Ode To Joy performance) is placed on the wall. School atlases, baskets with needles, thread and scissors and a test in Geography are situated on school desks. The viewers are invited to take the test, after watching a nine-minute video documentation of the Ode to joy performance that acts as an intensive lecture about the design of the map of the new Europe, and following the given instructions.

Exhibition History

1999 The Limit, Thessaloniki Municipality Art Space, Thessaloniki, Greece, curated by Thalea stefanidou (group show)
1999 The Limit, Art Symposium, Samos, Greece, curated by Thalea stefanidou
2000 SALE, Klapper Hall Gallery, Queens College- CUNY, New York, USA (solo show, final MFA thesis)
2001 SALE, Werk Hall 8 Siemens, Leipzig, Germany, organized by Siemens Kultur Programm, curated by Dirk Luckow (solo show)
2002 “Sale” Project, Argo Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus (solo show)
2005 A Consuption of Justice, Diyarbakir Art Center, organized by Anatolu Kultur AS and supported by Prinz Claus Foundation, Diyarbakir, Turkey. Curator Beral Madra (group show)
2010 Chypre 2010, L’art au présent, Espace Commines, Paris, France. Curators Yiannis Toumazis, Androula Michael (group show)