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SALE, 1998-2000

The efforts toward a united Europe in a united world, conflict with the tendency for its fragmentation and division and the attitude of absolute individualism. The “mass production” of new countries and the demands of many communities to be separated from countries, to which they belong, give rise to many questions in a period when it is claimed that the dreams of Europe as a united country and the globalization take shape.

Taking advantage of the situation in Europe, I have opened a store selling flags, for each individual group of people wishing to create a new State. The store is composed of five series.

Series 1, State within state flags, inspired from existing ones, yet are altered.

Series 2, New generation flags, are for consumers who deny their culture and history be looking to adopt a new identity. Six different designs are offered in this section and each design comes in four shades of color.

Series 3, Colony flags. I designed four colonizers and each one has eight colonies. This is for individuals or groups of people who want to be part of an empire.

Series 4, Do it yourself flags. Fabric of five sizes and nine colors is displayed on shelves. There are also various signs-emblems on boards. The client can choose the color, style and emblem of his/her new flag.

Series 5, 99 cent flags. Big cardboard boxes full of defective flags are available to the consumers at very low prices.